Keep the Jackson Maintenance Gate Closed


Love this path as a nice alternative to a beach ride—nice rolling hills, with little traffic and very peaceful.  However, there is some homeless activity as you go further on that path, so people should be careful the further inland they go to not be “surprised” by someone when things get a little narrow.  I have never been bothered by anyone, but I’m 200 pounds on a bike going as fast as I can. I would not walk that path without others, and I certainly wouldn’t do it after dusk.  However, if you want some nice straightaways on a bike for 5 miles or so, it’s a great ride.  Just be smart.


— Michael R. Tarzana, CA 6/21/2021

Very nice place to bike! I enjoyed my ride to the beach and back to Culver City! It was definitely worth coming here all the way from the valley. We both loved it here so much!


However, be cautious of homeless population in the area along the bike path. I would not go running or even biking alone … stay safe


— Evgeniya K 8/24/2020

Ever since my Canadian relatives visited and got attacked by a transient, perhaps drug-user, or mentally ill individual), I have been reluctant to recommend the bike path.


How embarrassed was I when I highly recommended the bike path as a wonderful “field trip” day for my Canadian relatives looking for a local, fun, inexpensive thing to do on one of their “non-touristy days” when they came home battered, freaked-out and reluctant to stay in the area even one more day It was horrifying to learn of their experience and the trauma they left here with.


Here’s the story… the “mugger(s)” chose to attack my uncle. He had little command of the English language and stood over 6′ tall. He was no waif and certainly didn’t carry the disposition of someone fearful, shy or easily intimidated. Further, he and my Aunt were peddling calmly and lazily along the path enjoying the sights and sounds. It was a beautiful day by many accounts. Out of almost nowhere… near one of the overpasses… my Uncle was attacked in a rage by a complete stranger who knocked him off the bike and proceeded to beat on him as my Aunt observed in shock and fear. She apparently shrieked and screamed for help making quite a scene. My Uncle fought back and defended himself and my Aunt until the vagrant(s) ran off.  Unfortunately, my Uncle’s bike was damaged with the front wheel getting warped to the point of un-usability and there were many bumps & bruises on his chest, arms and knees. They were unclear in their explanation about 1 or 2 attackers because many other vagrants were apparently in extremely close proximity and coupled with their broken English, I cannot say with certainty if the attacker was one or two individuals. They walked the bikes back to the house. When they got home, they were shaking and notably upset. After doing their best to recount their story in broken English, (French is their native language) I suggested we file a police report. They did not “want to cause any trouble here” and insisted on putting this incident in the past and moving-on with life… and what was left of their vacation.


Needless to say, I’ve only been back on the bike path once since this happened… but somehow felt safer because I wasn’t alone on the path. I’m happy to see that others have posted that police will be monitoring the bike path. But I, for one, will never go on it alone. It’s too risky. I’m thankful I live on a street where there is no easy access to/from the bike path. I’d be scared to death if I lived near one of the open gates for fear of drug deals, thievery, trash, drug paraphernalia, human waste, bed bugs, scabies, and above all being attacked and beaten.


Hopefully, the community and/or law enforcement will take action to protect the quality of life and well being of our environment. Culver City should remain safe for kids and adults alike, to enjoy life without being fearful of flagrants. Many know that residents are doing their best to keep Culver City nice by affording the exorbitant property taxes and ever increasing cost of services. It should be a no-brainer to protect those who are making this a desirable place to be. Measure HHH and Measure H seem to be proving themselves to be a total loss and waste of hard earned taxpayer funds. I pray for the future of this City and for some common sense initiatives to combat these disturbing and concerning issues.


— Michelle F. 6/27/2019

For many years, I have been riding this path which run from Marina Del Rey Harbor to Culver City and beyond.  It’s like a super highway for bicycles.


But I do it fast, and always with trepidation. And never with any planned stops until I get to Culver City or Marina Del Rey Harbor.  I pray every time I don’t have a mechanical problem.


In sections, the path is infested with a mix of homeless living under the bridges operating bicycle chop shops from their daily thefts, people smoking pot, and gang members hanging out in some of the adjoining parks and neighborhoods along the way. Too many portions provide cover for bad things to potentially happen. 


You will never see LAPD patrolling this path because if they did, they would have to make arrests that would conflict with Los Angeles Sanctuary City policy that protects criminal behavior.  The Ballona Creek path is the perfect place illegals set up home.


Recently, one cyclist found out what happens when a city takes a liberal stance on crime here:… But that’s not the only incident.


So as I said before and some others have written about on Yelp, only use during the day, be aware of your surroundings, and keep moving.


If you have a gun and are trained to use it, bring it. Because LAPD won’t be patrolling here anytime soon and you will be glad that you did. Better is to display it as you ride along, that is the best deterrent.


The creek is inviting, but don’t venture in as it is polluted from years of homeless debris you will see. The city does not have the money to clean it up.


— David D. Los Angeles 3/26/2018

I live right near Ballona Creek. It is great to bike ride on. It is really nothing more than a bike path. Some jog and walk there and I don’t think that wise. This area is known for predators waiting to take advantage of someone not paying attention to what they are doing. Also, I would never bike this area at night. Some do, and that is a choice. If you are not from here, I really would stick to the bike path on the beach at night.


The creek bike path is pretty. It goes on for miles and you can connect from there to the beach and into Culver City to the east. You can catch it off Centinela near Braddock or closer to the beach near Washington Blvd.


There are egrets and herons to see and when we have had a big rain (rare) the creek has water in it (this is a man made creek and nothing to look at in wonder). What I like about the creek bike path is I don’t have to worry about getting hit by car on the main streets near Culver City and the beach (Venice Beach).


If you want to enjoy the creek bike path, just pay attention. Don’t have your headphones on so loud that you can’t hear someone approaching. Chances are you will be fine, but there have been robberies and no one wants that. Just stay on your bike and you will be fine.


— Elizabeth L. 2/14/2018