Keep the Jackson Maintenance Gate Closed

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Creekside Neighborhood Survey and Map

A survey was conducted in our community, and we discovered that many residents are opposed to opening the Jackson Gate.

Surveys, Statistics

Ironically, it is the City’s own survey that disputes the BPAC claim that this is what a majority of Culver City residents want, yet supporters of this survey who want the gate opened had made a claim –by cherry-picking the survey’s statistics — that about 55% of survey respondents said they want the gate opened, when in fact the survey asked might they use the Jackson gate access point DAILY. Here are the City’s survey facts:

  1. The City’s survey—written without any Jackson community member input—had 385 respondents. Of all of those 385, only 109 lived within a 3-block radius of Jackson (28.31%), and within that number, only 24 lived on Jackson (that’s 10.23%), while 252 lived more than three blocks from Jackson (that’s 65.45%).  This means that over 65% of respondents to the city survey lived either equidistant or CLOSER to the already existing easily available entrances at Overland and Duquesne!  SO why open the Jackson Gate?  Furthermore, regarding opening this gate, only 30 out of the 385 respondents –that’s 7.89%–stated they might use the Jackson Gate daily, while 294 (that’s 77.36%) said they would either only use it a few times a month to never at all!!!  The BPAC claimed that 55% want the gate opened by twisting/cherry-picking and misrepresenting the figures.  There were 111 out of the 385 respondents who said they’d like the gate opened.  That is 28.8 %. But since only 199 people even chose to answer this question out of the 385 survey participants, they chose to divide the 111 by 199 to come up with their 55% figure instead of dividing 111 by the 385 who participated in the survey.  THAT massaging of numbers is MISREPRESENTATION, is MISLEADING, and is MANIPULATIVE. AND 111 is only about 1/3 of the amount of the neighborhood’s 325+ residents who are adamantly opposed to opening this gate. 


Map Showing Residents Opposed To Opening The Jackson Maintenance Gate


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